Crescent Lake is truly breathtaking!

The warm waters of Crescent Lake provide a refreshing experience for campers and staff members. The sandy shoreline gradually flows to the water’s edge meeting the crystal clear paradise of the lake.   Crescent Lake reaches a maximum depth of 54 feet and maintains surface temperatures averaging 80F throughout the season.

The lake has beautiful views of the mountainous background which surrounds the waterways providing a picturesque setting for summer camp watersports. The daily sunset provides the opportunity to see Crescent Lake dance and sparkle as the sun sinks beyond the mountains turning the sky into a rainbow of magical colors.


Our Fleet includes:

  • Six American Day Sailors (four-man sailboats with mainsail & jib)
  • Four JY racing boats
  • Ten windsurfers
  • Sixteen canoes
  • Two War canoes
  • Twelve SUP boards
  • Dozens of kayaks
  • Three high performance waterski boats
  • Three chase boats for the sailing department
  • A pontoon boat
  • Recreational items: Log Rolling, Magic Carpet, Water Walkers & more


To assure safety, all campers and staff must wear personal flotation devices when on the water.

American Red Cross instructional swim is taught by our WSI certified instructors.  Swimming lessons and levels are based on the ARC System. Advanced courses are offered to all campers.