Where do campers live?

Everyone lives in our modern bunks that are spacious and light filled with showers, sinks, toilets, hot water, and electricity within.

Where do Camp Crescent Cove campers come from?

Camp Crescent Coves’s campers come from different faiths and backgrounds and from all parts of the United States and many countries around the world. The majority of campers come from the Northeast but also include Florida, California, Colorado, and many more. We also welcome several International campers.

What do we do when it rains?

Camp goes on. We are very fortunate to have many large buildings and smaller studios. Therefore inclement weather is not an issue.

Do boys & girls see one another?

Yes, we share all meals together in our dining hall. All classes are co-ed and instructional with the exception of competitive team sports. Team competitions are age appropriate and single gender. Girls and boys cabins are on opposite sides of the campus.

Where do we swim?

Crescent Lake, 3 miles by 1.5 miles is truly beautiful with a sandy bottom, crystal clear visibility and warm water.

Does Camp Crescent Cove have a communication policy?

Campers and parents can talk/zoom twice in a 3.5 week session, after the first week of camp. Letter writing is our preferred method of communication and campers are recommended to write home frequently. Parents do have the opportunity to send one-way emails, which are printed off and delivered daily by our office staff. Please remember that food is not permitted in care packages and they are limited to 2 small packages per session.

When is Visiting Day?

Camp Crescent Cove will allow parents to visit upon pick up at the end of each session.

Who are the staff at Camp Crescent Cove?

Camp Crescent Cove’s nurturing staff is a key element to creating and cultivating a fun, positive and safe environment. We are committed to ensuring your child’s safety and well being while at camp. Staff members are personally interviewed to ensure they are right for Crescent Cove and brings with them an appropriate level of knowledge and expertise for their specific activity area.

How is the food?

Camp Crescent Cove always receives rave reviews about our food offerings. Well balanced meals are served in a fun and nurturing setting.

Does Camp Crescent Cove have a uniform?

We do not have a uniform, however we have a few required articles of Crescent Cove clothing. For competitions we require you to wear a Camp Crescent Cove shirt and proper attire. We are a down to earth camp and want to facilitate a non-competitive clothes environment.

How is laundry done?

All camper and staff laundry is done onsite by bunks once each week. We encourage campers to pack clothing based on 10 days.

Are electronics allowed?

We have a strict no technology policy, however, you may bring a music device as long as it does not have internet access. 2 examples of approved music devices are Spotify Mighty and the Campfire.  Charging is limited and they must stay in the bunks.

Do we offer religious services?

We will accommodate those campers that wish to attend religious services to the best of our ability.

What if a camper gets sick or injured at camp?

Camp Crescent Cove has a fully equipped health center with registered nurses on site 24/7. If your child requires being seen by a physician or stays overnight in the health center a camp nurse will contact the parent to review the child’s needs. Our area offers several high quality medical hospitals all within a 35 minutes drive.

Do I have to bring my own sports equipment?

Camp Crescent Cove is well stocked with a wide array of sports equipment. If you have a favorite glove or racquet that you use regularly then we would encourage you to bring it along. Cleats and shin guards are important if you are playing competitive soccer at camp. The packing list will include more detailed information.

What do campers do in the evening at camp?

Every night is exciting and different. This is the time to spend with your friends in your cabin. It could be a lip sync, a trivia night, a Halloween dance, a sports night or simply a cabin night where you and your cabin mates decide to make s’mores over a campfire.

What time do we go to bed?

Lights out begin at 9 PM. Reading and cabin discussion time carries on for at least 30 minutes. It is a full and active day at Camp Crescent Cove. Sundays we sleep in later.

How do we manage homesickness?

Homesickness is a naturally occurring experience and one which we talk openly about at camp. We spend a great deal of time training our mature cabin staff on how best to help campers cope with homesickness. It is a personal and private matter that we handle professionally and compassionately on an individual basis. We are always happy to help you work through this and have a successful camp experience away from home.

Who makes a camper’s schedule?

Campers will make their personalized schedule every Sunday for the week ahead after an orientation period.

Covid Health Policies and Precautions for the Summer

As we prepare for the Summer, please remember our policies will evolve and adapt as we get closer to the camp.